Road Rides

There are many beautiful rides in the Big Bear Valley. Listed below are just a few or join us on one of our weekly Community Rides!


Local Road Riding:

Big Bear Lake Loop – (17 miles, 500’ climbing, beginner/ intermediate) Flat scenic loop around Big Bear Lake is 17 miles. Watch for traffic on South Shore, very little traffic on North Shore.

Big Bear Lake + Baldwin Lake – (32 miles, 750’ climbing, intermediate) Complete the North Shore lake route and continue heading east. Turn right on Baldwin Lake Road and follow Baldwin Lake around in to Big Bear City. Follow Bike Path signs back into Big Bear Lake.

Glory Ridge – (16 miles, 1000’ climbing, intermediate) Head west from Village over bridge and continue west across the Arctic Circle. Steady 2 mile climb awaits up to first large turnout on south side of highway – CAREFUL crossing the highway as the corner is somewhat blind.

Lakeview Point – (20 miles, 1500’ climbing, intermediate) Continue further west from Glory Ridge all the way across the Arctic Circle until point in front of CalTrans yard, just before heading downhill to Snow Valley. BEAUTIFUL mountain scenery, plenty of wide riding shoulder heading west (and double lane most of way heading east)

Snow Valley – (22 miles, 2000’ climbing, advanced) Continue down and west from Lakeview Point to bottom of hill and reach Snow Valley Ski Resort. Road is narrow and traffic seems very close – only for experienced riders). Nice climb back up to Lakeview Point

Green Valley Lake – (40 miles, 3500’ climbing, advanced) Continue further west down to Green Valley Lake Road and head up 1000+’ to small town of Green Valley Lake. Fairly steep climb up to Green Valley, then moderate climbs heading back up to Snow Valley and then Lakeview Point coming home.

Running Springs – (40 miles, 2500’ climbing, advanced) if you do not make the turn to Green Valley and keep heading west, you will reach Running Springs. This is a fun ride, but can have traffic on weekends and holidays unless you ride early.

Lake Arrowhead – (65 miles, 4500’ climbing, advanced/expert) Once at Running Springs, continue west along ridge down to Lake Arrowhead. Although Lake Arrowhead is β€œdown”, this is A LOT of climbing on this route. Traffic can be dangerous on this road so leave early!

Onyx Summit – (54 miles, 3000’ climbing, advanced) This is a 7.5 mile climbing extension of the Big Bear Lake + Baldwin Lake ride. After circling around Baldwin Lake head up Highway 38 to Onyx Summit (Elevation 8,442’), turnaround and enjoy a 7.5 mile decent!

Jenks Lake – (90 miles, 7,425’ climbing, expert ONLY) This is a ball breaker! Continue up and over Onyx Summit and down 17 miles to West Jenks Lake Road. Left on Jenks Lake Road and climb your way back up Onyx form the south side

Angelus Oaks – (100 miles, 8000’ climbing, expert ONLY) Continue past Jenks Lake Road to Angelus Oaks, turnaround and ride back

Cactus Flats – (36 miles, 2500’ climbing, advanced) After completing the north shore of Big Bear Lake and around to Baldwin Lake Road, continue straight up and over pass and head down backway toward desert. Once payment levels out in mid-mountain valley, turnaround at Cactus Flats Road sign and head back up a nice, steep 3 mile climb. Can be VERY HOT in this area so ride early

Mitsubishi Plant – (40 miles, 3550’ climbing, expert ONLY) Continue past cactus flats, through switchbacks and down canyon to Mitsubishi Cement Plant. This is a 7 mile, 8 – 16% climb back up to Big Bear. This is desert terrain and is VERY HOT most times of the year. No cell service and a very difficult climb so don’t try this ride unless you are a pro level rider.

Lucerne Valley – (60 miles, 4550’ climbing, expert ONLY) Continue down past the Mitsubishi Cement Plant all the way down to Highway 18 and 247 junctions (China Peak Restaurant) and head back. This is a 17 mile, 5 – 16% climb back up to Big Bear. This is desert terrain and is VERY HOT most times of the year. Limited to no cell service and a very difficult climb so don’t try this ride unless you are a pro level rider.