Committee Members & Responsibilities

(Committee Chairpersons / Non-Voting)

Marketing – Dan Raddatz
Responsible for all marketing and public relations for the organization including advertising, press releases, website, etc. as directed by the Communication & Marketing Board Member.

Membership – Dede Hermon
Responsible for the development and management of the organization’s membership program.

Mountain Bike – (Unfilled)
Responsible for coordinating Mountain Bike activities and events, large and small including Community Rides, Adventure Series events, On/Off Mountain Rides, inter-club activities, etc.

Competition/Training – (Unfilled)
Responsible for the development and management of competitive programs/events for members and guests including the Time Trial, Rider Development mentor program, etc.

Education – (Unfilled)
Responsible for education, nutrition and performance training programs for all levels of riders

Sponsorship – Craig Smith
Responsible for generating sponsors for the organizations website, sponsorship funding, events, etc.

Social – Debe Perry
Responsible for social events as part of the organization with family/spouses/other clubs etc. including Holiday Party, Barbeques and non-cycling events.

Youth – (Unfilled)
Responsible for the development and management of youth cycling events including Cyclefest, High School Mountain Bike Team, Bike Scholarship Program, Holiday Bike Giveaway Program, Lids for kids, etc.

Triathlon – Chris Barnes
Responsible for the execution and implementation of the Big Bear Triathlon Event.

Board of Directors / Voting Members