Club/Cycling Information

Join the Big Bear Lake Community Ride!

Every Saturday 9:00AM at the Copper Q, in the Village

All levels welcome. No rider left behind!

Whether you’re a first time visitor, weekend warrior or full time resident, Big Bear Valley is one of the finest cycling areas in all of California!  With over 330 days of sunshine per year and a fabulous four-season climate… it’s always a good day to ride!

Lake, mountains, roads, single track – it’s all here waiting for you!

10 things a Beginning Cyclist can do in Big Bear

Ride with Organized Community Rides

The Big Bear Cycling Association hosts weekly community rides aimed at including absolute beginners in a short to medium distance ride on city streets. Meets every Saturday at 9am at Copper Q in the Village. We bring our mechanic in case you haven’t seen yours lately!

Ride the Marked City Bike Routes

We’re blessed to have bike route signage on city streets. By following these signs, you can travel safely from one end of the valley to the other mostly on back roads, with only short connections on the busy highways. Explore each neighborhood on your bike and you’ll get a great fitness-building workout and a scenic tour of Big Bear’s most pleasant places.

Take a Bike Handling Course

Sponsored by Mountain Fitness, you can get involved in our monthly bike handling courses and get comfortable with the fundamentals of bike control. It’s always easier to want to ride when you are confident in your skills and not afraid of what you’ll confront out there on the road or trail.

Practice Turning at Woodland Trail

An often overlooked trail across the street from East Launch Ramp, Woodland Trail is perfect for learning to ride uphill and steer your bike on dirt. The loop is short, so if you’re hurting, you’re never far from your car. The turns are sharp and numerous, but there is little in the way of rocks, steps, and other obstacles. Have fun, and remember this is also a popular hiking trail, so be careful and keep your speed in control.

Pick a Destination and GO FOR IT

Distances that are commonplace in a car can be challenging on bike, and you’ll see things you never noticed before as you whizzed by behind rolled-up windows. But on a bike, you’ll have a new appreciation for scenery, serenity, and good friends. Pick something within your comfort zone at first, then go a little farther next time. Plan trips by what sounds fun, or maybe even a bit ridiculous, then con or cajole some friends into going with you, and go for it!

Ride the Pedal Path

The paved Pedal Path is the easiest off-city-streets riding in Big Bear. It’s a 5 mile round trip from Stanfield Cutoff to the Observatory, with some optional extra distance to the Discovery Center and back. Watch out for walkers, joggers, strollers, fishermen and dogs when you’re on the path.

Hang Out

Not sure about these crazy cyclists? Hang out with us at the bike shop, rub shoulders with some regular mountain bikers and road cyclists and you can’t help but catch the bug. Or, come to a Mountain Bike race as a spectator or volunteer. There’s several races run in Big Bear and down at Rim Nordic throughout the summer you can get involved with.

Get Connected

Learn to ride with toe straps or clipless pedals. Toe straps are devices that allow you to strap your foot to the pedal more securely for better bike control and more full use of your leg muscles for turning the pedals. Clipless pedals are devices that mechanically affix your shoe onto the pedal. They provide the greatest benefit for bike control and pedaling power, but require purchase of new pedals, new shoes, and an investment of time to learn how to use them safely.


Bear Valley Bikes, Blauer’s and Chains Required are all quality bike shops who stand by their product and have the professional know-how to help you select a suitable upgrade. Shop around and for only a few hundred dollars you can get the latest technology like front or dual suspension bikes, disc brakes, and a clean-shifting drive train. New equipment is always a great reason to ride!

Get a Magazine Subscription

What? This is supposed to be about riding! Well, consider it a little pre-meditated motivation. Get your monthly magazine in the mail and see what other cyclists are doing. It gives you a great sense of the cycling community out there, and it’s a sure kick-start to inspiration.